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Sorry folks, it has been several weeks since my last (my first !) post….. I had every good intention of keeping up with a weekly post, but well….you know the old saying about where “good intentions” lead….hmmmm

So, on to my thoughts for today. I really did have a bit of a nightmare last night, not a really bad one, but it was a bit unpleasant nonetheless. Here is my story….. see if you can relate to it ! I would love to hear from you, your thoughts about “clutter” and how it takes over your life. This is a long post, but worth the read, all the way through. Thanks for reading !

Last night I had a nightmare. I dreamed I was trapped in a large room with hundreds of boxes stacked against the walls and piles of books, coffee pots, old hats, electrical cords, chipped teacups, broken dishes, picture frames and dozens of shoes heaped everywhere.

These piles were multiplying, even as I struggled to get out from under them and fight my way to the door which I could no longer see.

Fortunately I woke up…it was only a bad dream, a phantom.

Although the bad dream was not real, I knew exactly where it had come from. Last week I had been working with a client, helping her clear out her mother’s home. We were emptying the two story home of its contents so that it could be readied for the real estate folks to put it on the market. The mom had passed away and now it was the daughter’s job (duty ?) to take care of what remained.

So often, the adult children (usually the daughter living closest to where the parents lived) has the final responsibility to deal with the accumulation of several generations. Unfortunately much of what remains is not of great monetary worth, but has developed great emotional worth … or at least an emotional price. There is a major difference between emotional worth, and emotional price.

If the nightmare scenario above is a familiar one, figuratively if not literally, you are not alone. Too often, just trying to get your head around the job before you, to say nothing of the work involved, is enough to send the most stalwart soul into overwhelm.

If the emotional price you are paying for too much “inherited clutter” is having a detrimental effect on your life, please know there is help, and support. I have been where you are right now, really I have. It is a misery which should not be tackled alone, I am here to help.


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